"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time.  Etc. : additional odds and ends; extras.

City swim meet was such a bummer for us spectators!  Warmups were at 2pm and we probably got there at 2:02.  Parking was ridiculous, and seating inside the pool was even worse.  We wound up watching from a window in the hallway.  It turned out OK, but it was sure sad to not be IN the pool area.  The announcers were saying our kids' names and event numbers and we couldn't hear anything.  We (or maybe it was just I?) pounded on the glass to get the kids' attention after they swam.  Sometimes they looked up, and sometimes we (I) just looked like idiots banging on the glass.  Just wasn't the same.  Anywayyyyyyyy....

Still fun.  We cheered on our little hammerheads from the hallway in our freezer paper screen printed shirts ;)

Rugger swam butterfly for the first time at this all-city meet.  So proud of that guy!

Ryleigh won her heat, but I can't even remember which event it was.  Backstroke?  I got a pic from the window ;) Lane 4 Place 1 Time 43:35.  I didn't keep track of any of the kids' times all summer, so I have no idea how that falls for her.  We were pretty excited tho!

Our pets are still not BFFs but the cat is getting a tiny bit better.  If he accidentally ends up in the same room as the dog he just throws up some mild cattitude and gets out fast.  Cattitude.  Get it?  See what I did there!?

I'm in love with that pooch.  

We just love the Children's Museum.  We've passed it over quite a bit this summer in favor of swimming, but we've managed to make it a few times.  

Of course they're eating.  Constant growth spurt?

Reise made a dollar entertaining Hugo and Alece in Tot Town for all of about 20 minutes.  

Rugger's Uncle Brandon sent him a funny package last week.  3 boxes total and at least an entire roll of packing tape.  It took him close to half an hour to get to his prize...new Cardinals shorts.  He was beyond thrilled!

 He's so weird.  No idea.

Fun family night out for dinner and to see Despicable Me 2.  Loved spending that time with my grandparents. 

Someone got her first library card!

The kids completed the summer reading program last week, so we will now be busy redeeming their prizes.  We've got the Zoo train to ride, frozen yogurt to eat, Children's museum passes... it's going to be a fun way to end the summer.

Free summer reading program ice cream in the van on the way to swim team.  

Ice cream in the van is probably never a super great idea.  Vinyl/plastic van with mostly big kids should have been pretty risk free.  Rowen's cone was balanced perfectly on the console while he passed out everyone else's.  Then I knocked it over.  I picked it up faster than anything, but it was still pretty sad.  Once we got that figured out (and by figured out I meant that I told him he could either eat it or have nothing because I'm so compassionate like that), Reise was a hysterical mess because her ice cream just dumped right off the side of the cone!  I actually stopped the van because of the shriek-crying and since I was already back there relieved there wasn't blood or fire my gosssshhh, picked up the biggest chunk I could and tried to be sneaky about picking a piece of mulch out...  A little later she said she had a little sand and one tiny shard of wood. 

Alece wouldn't have been cool with being passed over on the ice cream.  Pretty sure this was her first cone.  I would say she'd give that experience an A+.   I thought maybe she wasn't going to finish it, but then I realized she was just sitting there patiently waiting for someone to remove the paper from her cone.  She polished it off like a pro. 

Our chickens quit laying a few weeks ago.  I'm blaming the heat.  

See that tiny white face sticking out the bottom of the fence?  Our neighbor's tiny dogs are so scary, Dakota won't go down the stairs to the yard to do her business in the morning.  It's maddening.  

Love my little fish.

Just laying around watching the bigs go off the board!

My friend Lynne alerted me to this cool Maker Camp on Google+.  The kids had a blast making their own Lego rocket cars. 

Love it when smart people think of me and share their good ideas.  The videos are great, and we've had a lot of fun with it!

And that leads us to now.  It's VBS week.  I roll in each morning with 13 kids and try not to make eye contact with anyone who might have seen us in the parking lot.  MOVING CIRCUS.  Hahahaha!!!! 

What a hoot.  Love!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Afternoons.

Top afternoon adventures start like this.

As well rounded as I try to make our lives, there are obviously things I just don't do. Own and operate a canoe for random afternoon fun? Probably never going to happen for me. Maintain large selection of fishing lures and bait? Again, unlikely. So happy that we have people who pour their brand of richness into our kids' everyday experiences.

I love my village.

Adventure dog!

These two.  No adults.  (tear!)

Disclaimer:  The pond is no deeper than the shallow end of the swimming pool.  All the kids can swim for survival.  There were floatation devices on hand.  Wesson the adventure dog knows how to do mouth-to-mouth.  (That last part was a joke.)

Maeson: "look at this cool dried up piece of a dead fish!"

Rowen: *unimpressed*

Perfect day to test out all the new lures and hooks my cousin hooked him up with.  

Summer kids.  Love that they borrowed their sister's spray bottle fan for their fishing afternoon.

Such fun.  Best days.