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Friday, July 12, 2013

Holiday Weekending

I really enjoy planning.  Making plans, having plans, carrying out plans, rearranging plans if necessary, but always having a plan.  I have no idea how people just fly by the seat of their pants on a normal basis.  Maybe it's having a hundred kids and a daycare and a husband with a job and a business to plan around.  Hmmmmmm.....  Maybe I'm not crazy.  Maybe the plans are the only thing keeping me from losing my everluvin' mind!!!!!

Behold.  Our almost completely unplanned holiday weekend.  Making plans and reservations within a week of the event does not count as a plan.  Having everything work out?  That's just getting lucky.

Did you know you could rent a TeePee to camp in at Platte River State park?  I didn't.  For $20 a night it sure beats pitching a tent.  Bring an air mattress if you're over the age of 10 unless you hate yourself and want bruised hips.

Louisville, Nebraska has a really great outfitter for tubing or canoeing and actually a lot more.  We would really recommend them to anyone!  They were super nice and their equipment was perfect for what we needed.

5+ hours of floating, getting stuck, walking, sandbarring, eating, and floating some more with perfect weather.  Couldn't have been better.

This picture of Rowen was taken immediately after a jumping Carp had burst out of the water and scared the living bejeebers out of he and Maeson.  Maeson was still screaming at this point from being slapped in the face by a fairly large fish, so I opted to take this shot of Rowen instead.  Funniest part of the whole dang week.

When I was growing up we camped nearly every weekend in the summer.  In tents.  I have no idea how my mom did that.  We didn't eat hot dogs and poptarts, either.  I remember foil dinners and pancakes from the Coleman stove eaten on real dishes.  Let's take a moment and consider the additional work that would have been.  No paper products?  No packaged food?  How she got all of that packed up every week is absolutely beyond me.  I'm pretty sure our house was always clean and I don't recall any laundry situations, either.  She must have been magic. 

 We ate pop tarts and drank bottled water, and had the best time. 

We rolled through Waverly on our way home just in time to catch the 4th of July parade.  Best days.  

We came home with 17lbs of candy, made a quick stop at Urgent Care and then the pharmacy, took naps, threw some food together, and then headed over to party with our besties.  

The standing in the street with sticks of fire thing still makes me really nervous.  Maybe a little less nervous every year.  

It would have been smart to make the kids take naps the next day, after late camping nights and short 4th of July nights, but we like to live on the edge.  Zoo instead.

Quick stop at Zesto before the 3rd annual Sallinger/Crounse 4th of July family water fight.


Cameras weren't safe on the battlefield.  Everyone ended up soaked ;)  I love living close to my sister and I hope our kids are always BFF's!

Such a fun week-turned-weekend with my favorites!


Gma Marcy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm laughing really hard right now!! Those teepees look like fun and the fish and Maeson - too funny.
Pop Tarts sound just dandy!!