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Monday, July 8, 2013


Swim team season.  Loooooooooooove.  Let the early Saturday mornings and Sharpie tattoos commence!

Ryleigh has improved a lot over the last year.  We swam at the Y all winter, and she's a lot more confident in the water.  She's still pretty slow but she's got a very nice stroke and she's pretty OK with not being super speedy.  

Rugger is doing great for his first year, and he's a lot of fun to watch.  His dad cannot stop himself from "cheering" very loudly from the sidelines (read: as close to the lane as he can possibly get).  I will admit that Rugger does seem to kick it up a notch when he's being hollered at ;)  I mean, CHEERED at in the most encouraging way!  Merciful heavens. 

Miss Reise was too nervous to sign up for the first meet.  She and the other tiny kids did a lot of work in the shallow end the first few weeks, but didn't spend a lot of time in the lanes.

She didn't wear her swim suit or pack her goggles and was perfectly content to sit in her lawn chair munching on donuts.  UNTIL.

She ran into her swim coach who said if she got her swim suit on she could compete.  Mitch flew home to get her suit.  He accidentally grabbed Ryleigh's suit, so we had to hike it up with a hair tie in the back, but it worked ;)

I literally stood at the edge not 100% sure she could actually make it the entire length of the pool, but she totally did!  She grins the entire time she's in the water.  You can't help but grin right back at her!

Our team has some really fantastic coaches, and the kids have a lot of fun.  I can't imagine being a great swimmer could ever hurt you in life, so I'm really happy they are all interested for now!

No, that's not an illusion.  Rugger is about half an inch from being as tall as Ryleigh and he outweighs her by 3-4lbs.  She's devastated, he couldn't care less, and Mitch is ecstatic.  I'd call them twins just for fun, but I don't need to give Ryleigh another reason to roll her eyes at me!!! ;)

Originally, I didn't plan to have them at practice every single day.  It's a lot of rushing to get lunch done and driving and loading and unloading and packing and unpacking...  Last year Ryleigh made it there about 3 times a week and that was kind of the goal again.  Somehow we settled into a routine of going every day, and it's been great.  The little kids play in the pool's sand pit area for the hour that we are there, and everyone seems to enjoy the time.  

After four meets, they've collected quite the assortment of ribbons between the three of them!

So fun.  We've got several friends on the team, so meets for the parents are pretty much a get-together with snacks and chatting and standing up for about 45 seconds each hour to watch our kids swim.  It's a hoot ;)