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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Afternoons.

Top afternoon adventures start like this.

As well rounded as I try to make our lives, there are obviously things I just don't do. Own and operate a canoe for random afternoon fun? Probably never going to happen for me. Maintain large selection of fishing lures and bait? Again, unlikely. So happy that we have people who pour their brand of richness into our kids' everyday experiences.

I love my village.

Adventure dog!

These two.  No adults.  (tear!)

Disclaimer:  The pond is no deeper than the shallow end of the swimming pool.  All the kids can swim for survival.  There were floatation devices on hand.  Wesson the adventure dog knows how to do mouth-to-mouth.  (That last part was a joke.)

Maeson: "look at this cool dried up piece of a dead fish!"

Rowen: *unimpressed*

Perfect day to test out all the new lures and hooks my cousin hooked him up with.  

Summer kids.  Love that they borrowed their sister's spray bottle fan for their fishing afternoon.

Such fun.  Best days.


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Joseph is wonderful! What fun.