"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Same song different verse.

Teepee camping has turned into our summer jam.  Big fans.  We have gotten so ultra lucky with camping weather that we are thinking about tempting fate and going again this fall. 

The dogs don't dig in our yard, but they dug giant holes all weekend.  Dakota did the same thing last time we were out there camping.  Do they hear things under the ground?  Smell something?  What is it with the digging?

Maeson and I set up the bedding the first night with the help of our sweet head lamps.  Head lamps are a super smart invention.  I hope whoever did that first is living large because they deserve it.

I have no words for the camping situation that is Reise.  She only packed skirts to wear the entire time, and spent the whole trip digging up worms and catching frogs.

Tiny frogs that had to come home with us.  

Something got into our food tub the first night and stole an entire package of hotdog buns, six hoagies, half a bag of marshmallows, and ate through a bag of Chex mix.  This was a Rubbermaid tote with the lid attached and a cooler sitting on top.  Seriously!  Bears!?????  Hahaha!!!  The next night we caught a glimpse of a fat raccoon, we assume trying for score #2.  Unsuccessful.  Either he was full from the previous night's carb-a-load, or we secured the tote better.  I just couldn't believe anything could move a full cooler, but maybe he was super hungry or had helpers or something.

We were nervous about taking New Dog camping less than two weeks out, but it turned out OK.  She was definitely an absolute mess whenever anyone walked by.  She did great on her leash, and she slept like a rock.  We are learning as we go little things we can do to help her chill out.

Dakota is the perfect camping dog.  Hopefully she will show Lucy a few tricks.

We had so much fun and relaxed a ton.  The only horrible part about camping is the laundry fiasco it creates once we're home.  There's just no way around it; the grimy bedding and the filthy clothes.  It's a relatively small price to pay for a fun weekend with my favorites! ;)